Is Rust suitable for building HTTP APIs?

Notes on the experience of porting a small chatbot HTTP API from Python to Rust using the Rocket web framework.

The carbon footprint of a laptop is mostly in the manufacturing. Servers are different, and ARM chips are starting to change the game.

How often do you follow references in scientific writing only to struggle to find the source of a claim or number? Why are pinpoints not used in scientific citation?

Progress in renewable energy has pushed IT carbon footprints down, revealing how much more work is needed in manufacturing.

Is Zoom good for the environment?

It is obvious that Zoom is better for the environment than flying but what about vs driving an EV or public transport? The problem is we can’t be sure.

Kyoto, Japan

More rigorous transparency regulations for negative externalities to force companies to measure, and reduce.

Tokyo, Japan

Public cloud price wars have ended, and a new battle over who is the greenest has begun.

Tokyo, Japan

Up to x3 more energy required for 5G vs 4G

5G networks have larger antennas, larger bandwidths, and higher base station density. How can the industry expect x20 more energy efficiency by 2030?

Takayama, Japan

How to measure the problem, the uncertainty around the current situation, and the limited number of growth buyers

Kyoto, Japan

Dead references in researching and reading academic papers

How do we keep crucial references around?

Hakone, Japan

David Mytton

Co-founder — the best tools for developers. Researching sustainable computing at Uptime Institute.

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